How wide should a wildlife corridor be? There’s not a simple answer, but as always, there’s a great website dedicated to the whole question of wildlife corridors. You can find it at Conservation Corridor if you want to read more.

Crest Nicholson think that 20 metres is enough to support all of the wildlife that exists in and around Treloar Meadows. We thought we’d give you the chance to judge for yourself!

The picture below shows Steve, one of our supporters, standing 20m from the treeline to represent a 20m corridor:

Do you think that is a wide enough to serve as a viable wildlife corridor for The Meadows?

What about 50m from the treeline, then? A few more supporters joined-in for this one:

Still not a huge amount for a wildlife corridor, is it?¬†We’ve recommended 150 metres, and that’s what we’ll be pushing for!

So what do you think? You can add your comments below, once you’ve completed the ridiculously easy site registration, so tell us (and anyone else who’s watching) what YOU think!