When I wrote to Sir David Attenborough, I never realised that I would be writing articles for the PTMC website. It all started when my family and I were walking up in Ackender woods and we discovered Ginny Boxall’s posters/ drawings of her characters from her book about Bushy Leaze meadows and about this campaign PTMC – Preserve Treloar Meadow Campaign. As I was passionate and interested in the environment, I wanted to get involved because my family and I love the Butterfly Meadows; we think it is a unique and beautiful place and that it needs to be kept as a stunning green space not a housing estate. It is my dream to become a naturalist when I am am older and I feel that more meadows and green spaces need to be saved as we are losing more and more to houses. Creatures like butterflies and moths are losing their homes to more of our houses and this needs to be stopped!

To my excitement, I recently received a reply from Sir David Attenborough in which he gave me his advice:

“You asked for my advice about helping protect your local meadow. It sounds to me like there are already people actively campaigning to do so in your area, and that it would be best to join them in their efforts. I wish you every success in doing so.” 

I feel strongly that places like the Treloar meadow should be kept and preserved instead of being being built on with the remaining land to be used as a ‘Country Park’. There are a lot of animals that are going to lose their homes; how would you feel to be in that situation? It is unfair that we are putting our needs before those of other living creatures who have a right to have a home as well. Here is a quote from Sir David Attenborough to inspire you to get involved:

“Never before have we been so aware of what we are doing to our planet – and never before have we had such power to do something about it. Surely we have a responsibility to care for the planet on which we live?  The future of humanity, and indeed of all life on Earth, now depends on us doing so.”