My name is Sophie and I am 11 years old. I have been passionate about the environment and wildlife since I was very small. I am concerned about the amount of green spaces we are losing today, I don’t want to lose another.

Britain’s meadows are dwindling as thousands across the U.K are destroyed to make way for our houses. The Treloar Meadows must be saved. This lush beautiful meadow and the surrounding woodlands are home to owls, marsh tits, flycatchers, bats, badgers, dormice and roe deer. As well as mammals and birds, the Butterfly Meadows also provide a habitat for native orchids, butterflies, bees and other invertebrates.

Since the 1930s, 97% of the meadows has been used for building sites and has been destroyed. It is upsetting to see so many green paradises going. Over the next few months, I am going to be posting articles, explaining why we should preserve this precious land, but I want other younger people involved.

Are there any other young naturalists out there who want to be involved?

If so, contact me using our Contact Form, and choose ‘Young Naturalists’ from the drop-down list.