Dear Supporters,

As you know, we have been fundraising for an independent EIA for the meadows, to which we now have access for Surrey Wildlife Trust from Spring next year.

Because the Developers have proceeded with their planning application, before Reserved Matters and only two weeks after the decision was made for an EIA to be completed, and because we have concerns about the adequacy of their EIA, we have now commissioned our own review of this EIA in conjunction with advice from Surrey Wildlife Trust. This is unfortunate but we feel we have no choice.

We are confident that Surrey Wildlife Trust are well placed to give good advice on the EIA and they will particularly scrutinise whether, in light of current new planning guidance, it gives adequate protection to the ancient woodland – which is our primary concern. Please feel free to message independently with your contact details if you wish to see a copy of Surrey’s brief and costings.

We hope to have enough funds in place by spring 2019 to deliver on the independent EIA, as well as having to undertake this extra review, which I’m sure you will understand is very important that we now undertake.

This isn’t a decision taken lightly and we hope you will support the Campaign with this now necessary extra review.

Ginny Boxall ( Chair of PTMC)