In a News Release dated 4th July 2018, EHDC have called for a full EIA to be carried out on Treloar Meadows before development work can go ahead. The News Release reads:

EHDC calls for environmental study on Alton development site

East Hampshire District Council has decided an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) should be conducted before a planning application can be submitted on a site in Alton.

The EIA would examine any possible ecological damage the development of the Lord Treloar Hospital site would cause to the local environment.

Developer Crest Nicholson is up-dating ecological information as part of its proposal to develop the site for housing and open space. The site already has outline planning permission and is allocated for development in the Alton Neighbourhood Plan.

In determining whether an EIA was necessary EHDC consulted with various environmental bodies. Natural England, a public body that works to conserve the environment, raised concerns regarding the development.

Natural England’s concerns related to the potential loss and damage to ‘species-rich chalk grassland’ of the Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital Site and the potential impact on the ancient woodland of Ackender and Alexandra Woods.

The EIA will assess the possible ecological damage caused by the development to those two areas and suggest any mitigation measures. Crest Nicholson has also committed to carrying out extensive ecological assessments on the development over and above the EIA.

The EIA will be submitted to East Hampshire District Council as part of the reserved matters planning application for the site.

A huge ‘Well Done’ to each and every one of our supporters for a splendid job!

It doesn’t end here, though … now we have to make sure that the EIA is comprehensive, covers the full range of flora & fauna affected and is carried out by a totally independent body.

Keep fighting!