The campaign was established in Feb 2018, following on from the successful Save Alton’s butterfly Meadows group which started in Spring 2014. The Preserve Treloar Meadows Campaign (PTMC) was established to work to preserve a lasting legacy for Sir William Treloar and to protect as much as possible of the flora and fauna on the former Treloar Hospital Site in Alton, Hampshire.

A public meeting was held at All Saints Church Hall, Queens Road, GU34 1HU on 16/4/2018 to establish the aims, objectives and future direction of the campaign.

Under threat because of outline planning for 280 homes the campaign will work towards getting a full and thorough independent Environmental Impact Assessment for the site. This is necessary for both mitigation of harm during any construction, together with ongoing ecological management of any undeveloped part of the Treloar Meadows.

Working in partnership with Alton Town Council and Surrey Wildlife Trust we aim to deliver an open space which will foster bio-diversity and protect these rare chalk downland meadows.

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Telephone: Upon application;

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Membership of the campaign is open to all members of the general public. We adhere to equal opportunities for all people with an interest in preserving the ecology and historic value of this important site. There is no discrimination allowed on grounds of gender, race, age, religion or sexuality.

We are an unincorporated association.


Leadership structure

Currently, there are 5 core members of our Campaign Committee:

  • Acting Chair: Mrs. Ginny (Virginia) Boxall;
  • Campaign Manager: Mr. Steve (Stephen) Hunt;
  • Secretary: Mrs. Angie Collins;
  • Website Manager: Mr. Graham Forrest;
  • Historical Adviser: Mrs. Mandy O’ Neill.


Finance Trustees

There are two appointed Trustees Mrs Ginny Boxall and Mr Stephen Hunt who are authorised signatories for deposits, transfers and disbursements made from the Trustee bank account set up for Preserve Treloar Meadows Campaign .

In the event of the Campaign voting to dissolve any remaining funds held in the Preserve Treloar Meadows Campaign Trustee account shall be donated equally to the Surrey Wildlife Trust and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust.

Minutes of meetings which, are held periodically, can be found on our website.

Authorised Signature,

Mrs Ginny Boxall. 

Mr Stephen Hunt