Will They or Won’t They?

A new request for an EIA screening opinion was received by EHDC on 17th May 2018. This was submitted by Boyer Planning Consultants, on behalf of Crest Nicholson South.

If you read the documents, Planning Application Summary 30021/064 | REQUEST FOR SCREENING OPINION,  you’ll notice that the closing paragraphs state:

It has been demonstrated, using the EIA Regulations and NPPG that the site is not in an environmentally sensitive location and will not result in significant environmental effects. It is therefore unlikely that an EIA would produce any more necessary evidence for this site.

Unfortunately, rare species of flora and fauna aren’t mentioned. Which is EXACTLY why an EIA is required! We KNOW that there are endangered species using the meadow.

Let’s give them the proof too – through a thorough and comprehensive EIA that includes the things that some folks just don’t want to see!